Saturday, 14 June 2014

Two More Machinas

With the holiday weekend out of the way, my rate of production has decreased, but I eventually added two more vehicles to my Machinas collection this week.

The first is a ram-car, inspired by some made by the game's author, Carmen Cerra. It's based on a 1957 Chevrolet from Matchbox:

The Pointy End
Carmen painted his pretty much in rust. But I also liked a set of vehicles he'd done with Native American paint markings, so I decided to give mine something similar, but with an Aussie theme instead.

The other car is apparently a 1964 Buick Riviera from Hot Wheels. It has a couple of machine-guns, and plenty of armour plate:

It was originally a lurid, sparkly purple. I painted it grey pretty much as a neutral undercoat, but actually liked how it looked, and eventually went with a Confederate ironclad theme.

As I write this, two more vehicles are in the workshop (as it were).


  1. Like it - the Buick, especially ;)

  2. Look good. I like the Aussie one.

    Btw. Carmen is normally a woman's name. You sure the author is a He?

    Karl Heinz Ranitzsch

    1. Here's his blog:

      I found at least one more male Carmen Cerra in googling around for a picture of him, by the way :)


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