Saturday, 21 June 2014

More Cars

More Hot Wheels have gone under the knife. Well, more a tube of glue, but you know what I mean.

I now have about twelve completed vehicles. I'm running a game of Machinas at the club on Thursday, so it should give the players plenty of choice. Before then I will pre-generate some stats for them, to speed up selection.

Anyway, these are the new vehicles.

This retro dragster has been given an unfeasibly large rocket-pod.

I went for a steampunk look on this one, because I could. It's armed with an array of machine-guns.

Finaly I revisited the first car I made, adding some extra spikes to its ram, and some heavy chains to the rear. With the ram, wheel-spikes and chains, this vehicle is a tricky, if slightly over-weight, customer.

The three vehicles together.

I did complete another vehicle today, but it's the subject of a future post, so I'll hold off revealing it.

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