Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Game Of Two Halves

I guess that some of you out there are following the world Cup (the World Cup - the ones for other games being qualified by the name of the game).  John Hovey seems to be, and has developed a quick, dice-based football game, so you can replay your favourite matches.


I tried it out this evening. As you'd realise from a read-through, there's few decisions; it's really a means of using dice to develop a narrative, which in itself is no bad thing. And the mechanisms is good and gives the right feel. the only criticism I'd level at it, and it's one others have found, is that it tends to lead to scoreless draws. Despite what people outside of football-playing nations believe, scoreless draws are not the norm. I suspect that some tweaking of the tables is needed.

Anyway, give them a go; they're worth at least ten minutes of anyone's time.

Oh. And this:

Update 04/07/2014 - Linked to latest version

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