Saturday, 7 June 2014

Pimp My Post-Apocalypse

Last night I started work on my first tooled-up racer for the post-apocalypse world of Machinas.

Here's the car. I could look underneath and tell you what it is, I suppose, but otherwise I have no idea; to me all cars look the same.

I gave the surface a rub-down with an emery board and fine sand-paper, partially to give it a damaged look and partially to help paint stick to it.

I then added armour, spikes and grilles, made from card, matchsticks, cocktail sticks and the mesh from a frying-pan splatter guard.

I undercoated in brown. There's more undercoat on the car than it seems; the original grey still shows through in the light I was using to take the picture.

A first coat of red is the point I have now got to. The differential undercoat, initial sanding and even residual crap from handling the car whilst putting the accessories on have all helped to keep the paint-job suitable tatty.

I shall do some more work on it this afternoon.


  1. Nice job! How many vehicles do you plan on making?

    1. Not sure yet. The initial plan is to do 4-6, which would be the minimum for a decent race. Anything I do after that would be a bonus :)

  2. Coming along nicely. I've often thought of doing this to a toy car, but not for any other purpose than to give the car a post-apocalyptic overhaul.


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