Saturday, 28 June 2014

Buggy, Bus And Bikes

Some more vehicles for Machinas.

The first is a 1933 Ford roadster, from Hot Wheels:

This was the vehicle that would have been Tom Sawyer in the game we played on Thursday. I went for a hobo look - a palette of browns and plenty of dust. It has a big, rear-facing machine-gun. The driver is an old Airfix figure, the gun came from another, armed, Hot Wheels vehicle, the blanket roll is scratchbuilt and the spare wheel is from a Risk cannon.

The roadster is a subcompact car, which behaves slightly differently to 'standard' cars in Machinas. I'd like to try some more non-standard vehicles, so I decided to Go Big. Here's an armoured school bus.

It carries a couple of machine-guns, carries a massive spiked ram and is heavily plated in armour.

This is not where you want to see it, although the roadster is more agile.

Finally I decided that I wanted to go to the other end of the scale and use motorbikes. But they're hard to find in Hot Wheels scale (the ones they do are massively overscale compared to the cars. It looks like Italieri do (or did) some WWII German motorcycles that may work, if I can find them, but until then I just printed off some German ones from the Junior General site. They will give me a chance to try out the rules

As you can see, they scale nicely with the cars.


  1. They look great I love the bus. You could try Sgt's Mess for some civilian MC and side cars- they'd be much cheaper than trying to get some of the old Dark Future range.



    1. What scale are the Sgt's Mess figures? I couldn't see. 28mm is probably a bit big for what I want, but large 20mm or old-school 25mm would work.

      Eureka do modern Australian troops on trail-bikes, but I;d like to see how big they are before I commit.

  2. Also take a look at Aberrant and Stan Johansen miniatures. They both have lines of 20mm (1/72) Post Apocalyptic bikers.

  3. Thanks. The Stan Johansen stuff looks nice - I may invest in some bits and pieces.


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