Sunday, 30 December 2012

Lunch In The Arena

My friend John Garvey popped in for lunch today, on his way to Sydney. After an omelette made with home-produced eggs we played a couple of quick gladiatorial bouts using 'Munera Sine Missione'.

In the first John took a heavy Murmillo, whilst I used a lighter Thracian:

This was a lengthy bout, and by the end both gladiators were wounded and tired. However when my Thracian spent a turn having a breather, John took advantage, nipped in and ran a sword into his guts, killing him outright.

In the second bout John took a light Nubian gladiator, armed with a curved sword. I used an unarmoured, but shielded Hoplite:

I inflicted a nasty would early on, but then couldn't exploit the spear's longer reach. The Nubian ducked under it and seriously wounded the Hoplite, causing him to appeal to the crowd. Obviously popular (a double six) they spared him.

Whilst playing we noticed a couple of small errors/omissions in the rules:

(i) The Armour Save is made by rolling equal to or less than the Armour Value (not just less than).
(ii) If a gladiator with AP remaining is knocked down, they lose the AP.

I have changed the rules, and reposted them as v2.1. They can be found HERE.

Whilst on the subject of Munera Sine Missione, Richard of 'Land Of Counterpane' fame used them at a school Christmas fair recently. You can read his report here.

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