Friday, 21 December 2012

Pre-Christmas HOTT

For the last Gong Garage Gamers meeting of the year we mostly played HOTT, with one game of DBMM on the side.

For my first game we used my Weirdstone of Brisingamen matched pair:

The Forces of Good:

The Svart Alfar:

DBMM - Byzantines on one side. Not sure who the others were:

Byzantines, I think:

On the other table, John used his new Tusken Raider army against Caesar's Zulus:

My game continues, with the Forces of Good coming under pressure from the Morrigan and the rest of the Morthbrood:

A complex combat. I lost the game in the end:

In my next game John and I used my Boxer Rebellion matched pair. I used the Boxers, and won it by virtue of rolling five sixes in a row for combat:

Caesar used a Centuar/Zulu Alliance against the Tusken Raiders:

The DBMM game continues:

Finally I used the Sororitas Puella Armatura Mobilis against the Tusken Raiders, and lost horribly, mostly due to rubbish PIP rolls:

1 comment:

  1. 'You don't get the PIP rolls you need, you get the PIP rolls you deserve.'*

    *Pretty sure God said that.


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