Thursday, 13 December 2012

At Last - Prairie Grove Pictures

We finally have a broadband connection at our new house, so I can get on with posting the pictures from last week's Battle Cry refights of Prairie Grove. I only took pictures of the first game we played, in which I ran the Union.

The board set out for play:

Blunt's force on the Union right:

Herron's command on the Union left:

The Confederates on the ridge:

Caesar considers his next move:

The Union advance on the right:

It faltered owing to a combination of poor shooting and an effective Confederate counter-attack:

Fighting continues on the Union right:

 A sudden cavalry hit and run by the Confederates mauls the Union left:

The last stand of a Union infantry unit comes under fire, and is removed to give the Confederates the victory:

The next day - the actual 150th anniversary of the battle, I refought it again, using my Portable Wargame variant.

The board:

Herron's command:

The Confederates:

Blunt's command - off-table and awaiting entry by die-roll activation:

Disaster for the Confederates - a Union cannonball kills their commander:

The Union advance begins. The Confederates have moved to occupy the fields below their main position:

A Confederate unit breaks under Union fire:

The Union attack presses on towards the Confederate line:

The Union commander is also killed. Both forces are now leaderless:

The Union have pushed close to the ridge, but nightfall sees the Confederates still in position, and the battle ends in a draw:

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  1. Looks like fun. You and Lee over at BLMA are eroding my resolve to not give in to the temptations of 6mm.


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