Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Hexagonal Ocean

A side effect of getting a copy of Battle Cry is that I have the 'sprues' the terrain tiles came on. I braved the crowds in Wollongong this lunchtime to go to the art and craft shop, and picked up some blue mounting board, and set to work making a roughly Battle Cry sized hex-grid for naval gaming:

They are just the right size for my 1/1200th ACW naval vessels:

The paper is more of a blue than the picture suggests - the light in our dining room does funny things to the colours when you take photos with the phone.

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to properly mark the hexes yet. At the moment they're pencilled on. I may use a coloured pen or pencil to draw them in fully, but I also like the idea of just marking the vertices. I'll probably just go for whatever's easiest - at less than $5 for the board, plus 45 minutes work to draw the grid, if I mess it up I can easily do another.

I now just need to poke and prod Bob Cordery's Portable Naval Wargame a little, and I'll be ready for another 150th anniversary next week ...


  1. Poking and prodding Bobs Portable Rules seems to be Flavour of the Month (actually Year) at the moment. Everyone is doing it!

    A little tweak here and a little adjustment there and off you go!!


  2. This is looking very interesting and am looking forward to seeing how you get on developing your own version of my rules.

    All the best,


    1. I think it will be less developing the rules and more scenario specifics actually. But we'll see. I did leave a couple of questions on your Portable Naval Wargame post.

  3. Nice idea. An Option might be to use the hex sheet as a stencil to spray-paint the hexes
    Greetings Karl Heinz


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