Sunday, 15 July 2012

Impetuous Fools

I quite enjoyed using the armies we had out on Thursday - some of them hadn't seen the light of day for a while. So I dragged another one out of the basement, and pitted it against the Knight of Simba - the Squidmen.

The Squidmen are mostly figures from Evil Gong, but they have a Ral Partha Behemoth (I think it's a Runequest Walktapus figure).

The Knights of Simba defended, and placed plenty of bad going, as their foes had Knights and a Behemoth; both fatal to the whole Simba army which is made up of Beasts and Warband.

Here they are ready to go:

The Knights of Simba look very impressive:

The Squidmen just look ... colourful:

A few bounds later. Due to teh terrain and awful PIP rolls, neither army has advanced much:

On the Squidman right, the Walktapus advances in company with some Landshark riders (Knights):

Finally the armies engage in combat:

And as you would expect with a fight between Warband and Beasts, the lines break up very quickly:

A couple of Simba's apeman ally Warband are in trouble - attacked by a Behemoth:

Whilst some others just end up heavily outnumbered - they died:

Big holes start appearing in the Knights of Simba's line, although those Warband are still holding out against the Behemoth:

The end - the Knights of Simba lost three Warband and four Beasts, whilst the Squidmen lost - nothing:

You will have noticed, of course, that every element on the table was impetuous.


  1. I like those Squidmen! Were they on 40mm bases?

    1. Yes, the armies are 15mm, on 40mm frontage bases.

  2. Those squiddies look cooolll!


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