Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Gong Con 2012 - We Made The Paper

Gong Con 2012 made the local paper, with a focus on the HOTT game and a great picture to go with it:

(OK, my favourite bit is that all of the figures in the picture are from Games Workshop, but being used for a game that isn't theirs :) )


  1. Congratulations! I just hope GW don't shut down the paper. It's too rare for gaming to get positive publicity. Even here in Nottingham, UK!

  2. Out of interest what other wargames were played?

    1. Miniature wargames? None. we had planned to do a WW1 air game, and possibly some gladiators, but in the end we hadn't got the time or resources to organise and try them out as participation games. We felt the Minas Tirith game was good enough to hold a day on its own, and decided that showcasing the variety possible with HOTT on the second day was enough.

      Given the turnout I think we made the right choice. We had a lot of positive comments, and we did what we set out to do - expose a group of people not familiar with miniatures to something that wasn't 'The Games Workshop Hobby' :)

      If the Con runs next year we already have a local gamer who is looking at the possibility of some 28mm Napoleonics, or similar. He works at the Uni, but games up in the Southern Highlands, away from the city.


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