Sunday, 29 July 2012

Gong Con 2012 - Second Day: HOTT!

On Day Two of Gong Con 2012 we decided to play smaller, non-scenario, games of HOTT, allowing us to either showcase the game to people watching, or to teach people how to play.

We set out yesterday's Minas Tirith game for people to see, or play if they really wanted to. We also laid out various HOTT armies, from 6mm to 25mm, so that people could see the range of possibilities - these ranged from the purely historical, to traditional fantasy to sci-fi.

Several games were played during the course of the day. I mostly took pictures of my own, of course.

We started with a 48AP game, in 25mm - Dark Elves faced an alliance of Other Elves and Centaurs:

We bespelled their Hero early on, but he came back and attacked our stronghold. Failed to take it though.

Centaurs charge the Dark Elf line.

Geoff ponders his next move.

The Elf Hero is attacked by Dark Elf Riders.

Here he is in close-up.

The Dark Elf Magician general is isolated and flanked.

BAM! Game Over.

The Dark Elves flee.

I then played a 24AP game in 15mm, using a couple of my Barsoomian armies. Green Martians defended against an attack by the city of Manator.

Lots of thoats in the centre.

The Red Martians got the worse of it though. They lost.

Caesar took some younger players through a game using Star Wars armies. We didn't have a suitable board for the Battle of Hoth, though.

Finally I used Daleks against UNIT.

They advanced.

They even got a shot at The Brigadier with the killer Special Weapons Dalek.

But, ultimately, the Brigadier prevailed.

We then went outside to watch one of the highlights of the Con - Quidditch.

Wollongong University has one of Australia's Quidditch teams, and they put on a show, drafting up Con attendees to make up numbers.

Basically people ran around with brooms, throwing balls at each other. It looked totally silly, and a lot of fun.

Aside from our HOTT, and the Quidditch, Gong Con offered board and role-playing games, as well as anime and film screenings. There's no getting away from the fact that attendance and registration for some events could have been better, but this was the Gamers Guild's first con, and it has provided a solid foundation for future events of this nature. Well done, and thank you, to everyone involved in organising it, promoting it and running things on the day; we certainly enjoyed the opportunity to showcase our group to the wider community and entertain other people at the same time.

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