Sunday, 1 July 2012

Exotic Gladiators

Following on from yesterday's post, here are some exotic gladiators I have just painted. They are Foundry figures from their Darkest Africa range which I picked up on a bring and buy years ago. I thought they would make interesting light gladiators, equipped and fighting in their own, native, style. They would probably be billed as Nubians.

This one has a strange bladed weapon which I may class as a sica, allowing it to partially circumvent an enemy's shield. He is unarmoured but carries a small shield.

This one also has no armour and a small shield, and carries a short spear.

The third also has a short spear and no armour, but has a large shield.

Here they are in action against a Foundry thraex:

I have a group of Shadowforge Viking/barbarian women waiting to be painted up as gladiators; pitting them against theses Nubians may make for an interesting spectacle, showcasing warriors from the opposite ends of the Empire. Very Roman.

Update: Just passed 20,000 views on the blog. Thanks everyone.

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