Saturday, 21 July 2012

Basic Biplane Basing

Aside from hanging out with our PM in Google+, I have spent today sorting out some bases for John's 1/300th WW1 aircraft, so that we can use them for a game at next week's Gong Con.

The problem is that his planes are based on 'standard' hexagonal flying bases, whilst the rules we are using (my own 'Spandau and Lewis') use a series of simple 90 degree firing arcs. Essentially I needed to put hexagonal pegs in square holes.

And here they are:

I have made ten bases, which should be more than enough for the planned game; we can swap planes on and off them. Each square of card is 30mm across. I glued a couple of pennies in the middle of each one for weight, then dropped the hexagonal base over them and glued that down. They were undercoated in white, painted in GW Ice Blue, then the firing arcs were lightly sketched in using a pencil before being painted in GW Space Wolves Grey. The whole base is practical in terms of the rules, and stable enough (I hope) to survive convention play.

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