Monday, 30 July 2012

Gong Con 2012 - Final Pictures

Caesar has sent me a few more pictures of this weekend's con at Wollongong University.

Firstly the mighty Unkillable Troll - surround on three sides ...

... it pushed back all its foes!

The troll managed to put on a good show in just about every game we played.

The second set are pictures from a game Caesar and John played on the second day - a Victorian alternate history set-up, featuring the Kelly Gang holding a village against the Zulu army of King Shaka.

Caesar writes:

"The Zulus deployed their Warband (black shields) 'left horn' along the road approach to the town as their Blade 'loins' (red shields) and Shooter 'right horn', supported by Hordes (white shields), marched to occupy the heights. The Kelly Gang main body, consisting of Shooters, Warband and a Hero general advanced into the town, with Dlade (troopers) and Hero (Mulga Bill) coming down the road to cover the flank against the Zulu 'loins'. 

It wasn’t looking favourable for the all-foot Zulu impi against two Heroes, until Ned Kelly rolled a one in bad going against the Zulu Warband (with flank support) roll of  six. A quick game with only one casualty emphasising the old adage, “Don’t put your egg general in a Hero basket”. Long live Shaka!"

The Kelly Gang reinforcements:

Zulus deploying off the road and into the attack:

Zulus to the south-west. Thousands of them:

Caesar also takes issue with my previous write-ups, for "the bit where an otherwise superb general was unfairly slandered for a record loss in one turn." So let it be a matter of record that I played six games of HOTT over the weekend, and was on the winning side in only one of them.

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