Thursday, 5 July 2012

Not A Red Baron In Sight

It's Thursday night, so you know what that means. Yes, the Gong Garage Gamers have been rolling dice again.

This week we started our preparation for the forthcoming Gong Con, by reminding ourselves how to play my WW1 air game, 'Spandau and Lewis' (available through the Free Stuff link at the top of this page. We're planning to run this as a participation game on part of one of the days, and we wanted to just play through a game to get a feel for the rules again so we can design a scenario of some kind.

We went for a simple set-up - two Albatros DIIIs against a couple of Bristol Fighters. The Germans rolled badly when shooting so never really got the advantage of their twin guns. meanwhile the BrisFits plugged away with their rear guns, chipping away at the German aircraft until it was obvious that the day belonged to the RFC.

For the game on the day we'll probably have two-seaters on a mission, with some scouts escorting them and a group of scouts trying to stop them. We'll run the two-seaters and just keep them plodding along the table, relying on their friends to protect them. Simple an, I hope, a viable, fun game.

Anyway, here's a few pictures. The planes are 1/300th scale models from John's collection.

A German plane gets the arty treatment.

The planes close up on each other:


We have a HOTT scenario game to prepare for the Con as well. We have the basics of it sorted, but need to fine-tune the details and then play it through.


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