Thursday, 2 August 2012

Asag Against The Arabs

I found this battle report on my hard-disk; it used to be on the original Stronghold. Unfortunately I don't have a record of the date on which this was played, but I'd estimate that it was sometime in 2004.

It's a 15mm 'Hordes of the Things' battle; Asag and the Stone Allies defend against an Arab attack. Asag's army is based on the one in the HOTT rules. Aside from Asag himself, who is a gift-shop resin griffon with a GW monster head attached, Asag's army is made up of various ... rocks. Some were collected out in the field, whilst some were bought from museum gift-shops. The Arabs are from Peter Pig, and are one of their pre-packaged armies.

The Armies Arrayed.
Asag at the top, the Arabs at the bottom.

Asag's Army
A closeup of their deployment.

Battle is joined. Stone hordes advance on the Arab line ...

... and contact is made.

Fierce fighting along the line.

Asag enters the battle, terrorising the Arab infantry ...

... before descending on the isolated Arab general.

Meanwhile, Arab cavalry works around the flank.

They approach the stronghold, fighting their way through Asag's minions.

The stronghold falls; Asag is defeated.

I should feature Asag's army here at some stage; it was fun to make and is worth showing off. Before I do that, though I need to find it ...

(Apologies for the small, low-resolution, suitable for web-page pictures. They date from a kinder, gentler, lower bandwidth, time. That, and I can't find the originals.)

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