Friday, 24 August 2012

The Natives Fight Back

Geoff and I played three games of HOTT last night, using my South and Central American armies (featured in previous posts). Although they weren't planned that way, the games worked out as the Conquistadors facing, in turn, the Inca, the Aztecs and finally the Maya.

The obligatory shot of Geoff, looking unimpressed with his deployment. In this game he took the Conquistadors, dropping a Shooter and fielding their Flier as a God (which, I realise now, made their army illegal as it had 14AP of elements costing 3AP or more). I used the Inca.

The God appeared, and started to roll up the Inca line:

However at the other end of the line Saint James (Paladin) was defeated by the Inca's heroic warriors:

The Angel Of The Lord faces The Great Inca. There is a standoff:

And at that point I stopped taking pictures of the game. The God disappeared on the next turn, and the Inca overwhelmed a couple of elements on the Conquistador left to win the game.

In the next game I took the Conquistadors (with a Flyer, and the extra Shooter), whilst Geoff went for the Aztecs. He got their Couatl (Dragon) on early and started causing me trouble. First it ate the Flyer:

The two armies just sat and watch it at work:

It then took on Saint James, in a classic Paladin/Dragon confrontation:

Oh dear ...

The Aztecs stirred themselves into action, and advanced into the Spanish artillery fire:

Here comes the Couatl again. But the Artillery proved too much for it, and it was driven off:

The armies prepared for a more conventional fight. And, once again, the photographer went on strike. The Couatl had done its work well; despite some brave fighting the Conquistadores lost again:

For the third game I used the Conquistadors again, whilst Geoff had the Maya:

The Mayan Aerial Hero was the danger this time. The Flyer actually survived this combat:

The Spanish counter-attacked with Saint James, and fought Tecum Uman to a standstill. At that point he retreated - fighting a Paladin with an Aerial hero general is risky:

The Mayans switched to conventional tactics, their Warband charging the Spanish line and sweeping it away. Another victory for the New World's original inhabitants:

Next Week - Maurice! Maybe ...


  1. Well described games Kaptain, enjoyable!

  2. Nice report and wonderfully diverse combatants - god, dragon, paladin, aerial hero. Very pretty figures too. But Geoff, no bow tie for the photo shoot?! Standards are slipping.


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