Sunday, 5 August 2012

Scenes From HOTT

Scenes from a few 24AP HOTT games played over the weekend.

Pendraken's Fishmen fought against Evil Gong's Elephantmen. This was a classic Blades vs Spears fight and, as you can see, the Blades had the edge; there were a line of Spears in front of those Blades just before the photo was taken:

The Fishmen actually had a considerable force of Shooters making a bold dash for the Elephantmen's stronghold, but the rest of their army didn't buy them enough time. Their general was outflanked and cut down:

Epic 40K next - Space marines attacking Eldar. The main battle was between the tanks on one of the flanks. The Marines had a Chaplain assisting them (Hero), whilst the Eldar had their Avatar (Behemoth):

The Hero was outflanked and destroyed:

In the meantime the Eldar infantry advanced, and killed the Marine commander to win the game:

The victorious Eldar stayed on the defensive, this time against an Ork invasion:

Once again the vehicles fought each other on the flank, although the Orks had Boar-Boyz as well:

A subtle Ork attack hit the Eldar centre:

The Eldar Warlock was surrounded and killed - victory to the Orks:

Finally we switch to Barsoom, where the Red Martian city of Gathol was defending against an attack by the Red Martians of Manator. Gathol had Airboats, Manator had numbers:

Manator's cavalry charged before Gathol could get it's aerial navy into play:

Gatholian warriors await the charge:

A swirling melee saw one casualty - Gathol's general - end of game:

All four games were ended by an army losing its general, with honours being equally divided between the attacker and the defender.


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures from your games. Those of us who haven't played HotT in a long time are living vicariously through this post! :)

  2. All three look like awesome games, but Barsoom caught my eye for some reason.


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