Sunday, 12 August 2012

HOTT In Mesoamerica

Who doesn't have Mesoamerican HOTT armies? All those feathers, and troops with exotic names. What's not to like?

Well, maybe it's just me then. I have three of them. Four if you count the Spanish interlopers. They were cobbled together from a mix of history and legend, and are similar (but not identical) to the ones in the rule-book.

It's been a while since any of them have been out, so I thought I'd give them an airing this afternoon. I played three games, with the winner of each game staying on the field to face a new army.

Since they are my least-used Mesoamerican army, I got the Maya out first, and they faced a force of Conquistadors.

The Conquistadors lined up in front of their camp. They have supernatural assistance from an angel and Saint James.

The Mayans are ready to charge. Their rank and file warriors are Warband:

The mighty Tekum Uman (an Aerial Hero general) flies ahead of his army and engages the Spanish right:

He defeats the angel (a mere Flyer):

Meanwhile the Spanish Artillery kills some warriors:

Tekum Uman defeats St. James (a Paladin):

Then he leads his army into the main Spanish line:

And it's all over for the invaders - victory to the Maya:

The Mayans stayed on, and found themselves attacking an Aztec army. The Aztecs had numbers on their side, including eight Horde elements:

Once again Tekum Uman led his troops in a charge:

Poor PIPs and Aztec magic disrupted their advance, though:

A fierce battle begins, with Tekum Uman leading the attack into the Aztec Jaguar Knights (Blades):

But the Aztec numbers begin to tell as they begin to surround the fierce Mayan warriors:

The Mayans are totally surrounded on the Aztec left:

Tekum Uman is ensorcelled by the Aztec warrior-priests (Magician), and his army flees in confusion:

There really are lots of warriors in the Aztec army. They stayed on, defending once again against an attack by ...

... the Inca!

Both armies had abysmal PIPs, and advanced very slowly:

The Aztec left ventured into some rocky ground, and was ambushed by some of the Inca's indian allies (Lurkers):

The powerful Inca centre, led by the Great Inca himself in a litter (Behemoth), contacts the Aztec centre. There is much fighting:

The Aztec general (Blade) falls to his Inca counterpart, giving the Inca the victory:

An aerial view of the end of the third battle:

I may take some pictures of, and showcase, these armies at some stage.


  1. Nice figures and paint jobs.

  2. Love it. Can you please tell me where did you get the Aztec stronghold.


    1. Great stuff. Love the South American theme.

    2. I actually can't remember. It's a resin model I bought on a whim at a UK wargames show many, many years ago.

  3. Something is wrong with your HTML. Your page never stops loading -- my spinner never goes away.


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