Friday, 3 August 2012

Full Thrust

We played 'Full Thrust' tonight. It's been a while for most of us, so we spent a while trying to remember how to play (as well as putting a couple of forces together).

We hurled two forces of ships against each other. We think that scenarios are probably a better way to play it; otherwise with two fleets it really just becomes an exercise in lining up and blazing away.

Anyway, here's a few pictures. Geoff and I took the NAC force. Peter, Caesar and John ran FSE ships masquerading as NSL vessels. There were a couple of Klingon models in there as well; John's quite attached to his Klingon ships. Oddly enough they've yet to actually appear in a game as Klingons.

Two NAC ships. A big one and a small one.

I think these are FSE or NAC models - newer designs. A couple of Klingons lurk behind. But in reality they were all statted as NSL ships.

A swirling melee of missiles, pulse torpedoes and laser death. The NAC came off worse, and ran away.

We're going to play Saga for the first time next week. I'm quite excited.


  1. Those are definitely FSE ships in the second pic.

    I've still got to get round to prepping/assembling and painting the fleets I've bought, never mind actually playing a game.

    Saga is great fun to play - very bloody, very quick to pick up but it takes a while to learn how to use the battleboards to best effect. Tip from me - start out with 4 point warbands until you're used to how the game plays.

  2. Best way to play Full Thrust: use leftover holiday candy as ships. The bigger and better the candy, the bigger and better the ship. Any ships you destroy are yours to either devour on the spot or save for later...

  3. I'm quite interested in Saga. I like the warband scale it seems to be going for. I look forward to you 'review' (not meant sarcastically).

    Also - three paragraphs, three spelling mistakes. A record I think. :-)


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