Saturday, 25 August 2012

Aeronef Shipyard - 3a

A bonus picture - whilst I was waiting for the tea to cook, and listening to Led Zeppelin III, I put these little beauties together from various scraps of card. They're helikopteronic flyers, and you can find the rules for them HERE.

One will be gun-armed, whilst the other has forward-mounted aerial torpedo tubes. I reckon that they're probably the beginnings of an Anarchist aerial fleet.


  1. While I don't share your enthusiasm for the aeronef thing, I will say they are nice models. And a good choice of music!

    1. Actually iTunes chose it for me - shuffle is a wonderful thing :)

      Still, it was there to be chosen.

  2. Have a blast with your Air Force!!

  3. Nice fleet, It is always exciting to see what people can put together for Aeronef fleets. One of the best and most unique parts of the game is the numerous scratch built fleets and ships abound.


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