Tuesday, 14 January 2020

It's Me!

A few days ago there was a brief discussion on a Facebook post I was following about people having 'personal figures'. That is, people who have an actual miniature of themselves.

Yesterday, when sorting out the armies for my next HOTT52 game, I found mine!

It was sculpted by Sebastian Rogers back in 2004 for the Berkeley HOTT competition that year. Only four figures were cast. Three were painted gold-, silver- and bronze- and former the basis of the first, second and third-place trophies. The original green was used for the last-place trophy. And one figure was left unpainted, and given to me, along with the mold. So as you can see, this is a strictly limited edition miniature.

And here's the figure. Obviously I painted it. I am depicted as the Godfather of HOTT,  wearing my comfy dressing-gown, holding a mug of cocoa and carrying a copy of the HOTT rules (the old v2.0 purple book as opposed to the more recent book with the black cover).

It's a 'heroic' 28mm - the base it's on is 40mm across because I use it as a 'Barker Marker' when I remember where it is.

And those of you who have met me will realise that it is also a rather 'heroic' depiction of my physique.

I no longer have the dressing-gown (although I still have one that's similar), and we gave up our evening cocoa a few years ago. But I still have my HOTT rules.

I can't remember who won the various trophies that year, so if any of you are reading this it would be great to know if you still have your Kaptain Kobold figure.

I do still have the mold, but have never used it.


  1. Ha! That is simply marvellous!

  2. Excellent mini! I've done a couple of models for other gamers in the past - the most recent in 2017 being Graham Fordham of Fluttering Flags and Will Whyler. I try to encourage players to bring their own command figures along to multiplayer games.


    Regards, Chris.


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