Wednesday, 19 July 2017

To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters Of Our Own

We watched 'Pacific Rim' again the other day. It's still as awesome as ever. Afterwards I remembered that I downloaded a set of 3D print files for the five main Jaegers featured in the film last year, and thought that I'd try printing one off.

So here's Gipsy Danger. Four-and-a-half hours of printing, one of cleanup and a couple of hours of painting. She stands just over 3" tall.

Gipsy mostly printed OK, although before I do any of the other Jaegers I'm going to have to do some maintenance on the printer and also consider the best way of printing these models; this one worked, but they are difficult prints owing to the detail and the stability of the mode on the print-bed. 

I have left the Jaeger on a plain base for now, until I decide how I want to decorate it.

Coming soon?

Maybe some kaiju are too big for even a Jaeger - Gipsy Danger meets Gypsy Danger.

(Yes, we got the spelling wrong when we named the cat)


  1. Aww. Gypsy Danger (the cat) is beautiful

  2. Kitty looks unimpressed :)

    Very nice print though, that came out very well.


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