Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Monster Quartet

I gave Mighty Monsters/Samurai Robots Battle Royale another go last night, running the same scenario as before, but with four different monsters and mechs. I say 'same scenario'; I modified the victory such that, at the end of the turn the closest monster to the crystal scored 2VP, whilst the next closest scored 1VP. If two monsters were equidistant then they diced to see who got the 2 points.

I used Gipsy Danger and Lovecraft again, albeit with slightly altered stats, and then added Godzilla and Mothra. All of them were built at around 330pts, and I'll post the stats below for your edification.

I added a little more terrain this time; the forests and ruins simply slowed movement

Gipsy Danger and Mothra got off to a flying start (literally, in the case of Mothra), using multiple move activations to get close to the crystal on the first turn. Mothra raised her protective force-field after Gipsy Danger fired a speculative shot from its plasma-blaster.

Godzilla also moved into range, but didn't get enough actions to make a shot at the force-field worth the risk of losing his blast attack for the rest of the game. In Mighty Monsters, a roll of '1' for a shooting attack means that it runs out of power/ammunition, so whilst it's fairly easy to get opportunities to make such attacks, it's best to manage the risk and use them sparingly.

Lovecraft closed slowly, hampered by terrible activation rolls.

Mothra flew high, making her immune to close-combat attacks, and settled in for a strategy of holding her ground over the crystal. Gipsy Danger and Godzilla eyed each other up.

With an heroic series of activations, Gipsy Danger charged ...

... but its body slam failed badly and the mech fell.

Lovecraft was now applying its psychic blasts to the centre of the battlefield, and Mothra was taking hits despite the force-field.

Godzilla grabbed the downed mech; whilst he couldn't throw it, he could turn in place, thus becoming closer to the crystal.

However Gipsy Danger counter-grappled, turning the tables on the radioactive lizard.

Godzilla tried a tail-sweep to throw Gipsy Danger off balance, but failed badly, allowing the mech to grab his tail and hurl him ...

... straight into Lovecraft.

Neither monster took any damage, except to their pride.

Godzilla was soon up, and tried a shot at Mothra, but missed. Mothra was now beginning to edge ahead on points.

Gipsy Danger also turned its attention to the giant moth, but the shot saw its plasma-cannon run out of power.

Godzilla charged back into the attack, slamming Gipsy Danger in an attempt to push the mech out of the running and line up a better shot on Mothra.

Lovecraft was still using its psychic attacks, and its three opponents were all feeling the effects. But Lovecraft was not above more physical means of attacking either.

It picked up a boulder and hurled it at Godzilla ...

... who caught it and threw it back, although it scored no damage.

Both Godzilla and Gipsy Danger were slowed by hits now. Godzilla went into the attack again.

Gipsy Danger retaliated, and Godzilla stumbled. A mighty stomp from the mech knocked the giant lizard out.

The mech's triumph was short-lived. A psychic attack from Lovecraft shorted out its power systems, and Gipsy Danger was disabled.

This now left Lovecraft and Mothra in the running. Mothra was way ahead on points, leaving Lovercraft with the tricky task of taking her down and then hoping that the random scenario end didn't come too soon, giving it a chance at victory.

The two creatures traded attacks, but Mothra held firm, despite being quite badly hit. She was still in position when the scenario ended, picking up a very convincing win. Gipsy Danger came second.

I think this scenario, with a few modifications, will make for an interesting game for a club night. It was surprisingly easy to run solo, taking just over an hour and a half. I wasn't sure how to use the reactions from Samurai Robots, so left them out. The rules seem to assume that you have a single opponent, and I wasn't sure how that applied in a multi-player situation. In future games I think I will rule it as the opponent who has the closest combatant that is eligible for a reaction.

Here are the stats I used for each combatant.

Gipsy Danger (330 points)

Head     Q3 C2    Two Heroic Neural-Net Pilots
Body      Q3 C4    Spikes (One Use)
Arms     Q3 C3    Blade, Elbow Thruster x1, Plasma Gun C4S
Legs       Q3 C3    Amphibious

The ‘Spikes’ are vented coolant. Cost is halved for single use. Declare when grapple attack is made.

Godzilla (331pts)

Head     Q3 C3    Fangs, Radioactive Breath C5L
Body      Q4 C5    Regeneration
Arms     Q4 C3
Legs       Q3 C3    Amphibious
Tail         Q4 C2

Lovecraft (335pts)

Head     Q3 C3    Area Effect Attack C5L (Psychic)
Body      Q3 C4    Regeneration
Arms     Q3 C3    Grappler
Legs       Q3 C3    Amphibious, Slow

Mothra (325pts)

Head     Q3 C3    Force Shield 5, Shooter C4M (Electricity)
Body      Q3 C4    Tough
Wings    Q3 C4    Long Flight
Legs       Q4 C1    Short Move

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