Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Defending The Pacific Rim

Today Your City Will Be Attacked By Two Kaiju - Mogul And Clawhook

Your Defenders Will Be Cherno Alpha And Crimson Typhoon.

Have A Nice Day.

I set up another game of Mighty Monsters this evening, with the terrain consisting of an area of coastline with a city on it. The kaiju would approach from the water, looking to cause mayhem, whilst two jaegers would defend the city. I'll post the stats for everything below.

Clawhook advanced quickly, and Crimson Typhoon moved to intercept.

(According to the Pacific Rim Wiki, 'Clawhook' is canon, since it's mentioned in the novelisation. It's not described, so I used this model; a dollar-shop special.)

The weird worm/mantis hybrid codenamed 'Mogul' moved towards the island in the harbour. Cherno Alpha pondered which way to go.

Battle is joined! Crimson Typhoon charged Clawhook, wielding a ship as a club. Clawhook retaliated with its claws. Obviously.

Meanwhile Mogul and Cherno Alpha approached each other slowly. Both are slow movers, and both also tended to be left out each turn because of activation failures in the fight between Crimson Typhoon and Clawhook.

Clawhook was driven back.

Mogul demolished a building.

Clawhook went back into the attack, grappling Crimson Typhoon ...

... and downing the jaeger.

Mogul fired its acid spit at Cherno Alpha, temporarily blinding its sensors.

Crimson Typhoon soon found its feet and attacked back. This was a long slog involving grappling and claws.

Cherno Alpha finally managed to get its act together and charged into the attack. And managed to achieve nothing.

Crimson Typhoon and Clawhook slashed away at each other.

Pushed back by Cherno Alpha's charge, Mogul spat again ...

... and scored a telling blow, disabling the jaeger's legs, and stunning both of the pilots. Before Cherno Alpha could recover, Mogul spat again, and another telling shot completely disabled the mech. The crew survived.

Mogul moved on the city, unopposed.

Crimson Typhoon now had a difficult task on its three hands, with two kaiju to take down. Clawhook attacked again, but the wounds it had taken were beginning to tell.

An unlucky series of rolls saw the kaiju knocked out.

Crimson Typhoon moved quickly to block Mogul's progress.

Mogul grappled the damaged jaeger ...

... then brought it down, before delivering a savage bite to its control module, killing two of the three pilots, and destroying the jaeger.

The city is DOOMED.

Here are the designs I used - all are roughly around 320-330 points.

Crimson Typhoon (325 points)

Head     Q3 C2    Three Neural-Net Pilots
Body      Q3 C4
Arms     Q2 C4    Twin Blades, Plasma Cannon C4S
Legs       Q3 C3    Amphibious, Free Disengage

Cherno Alpha (330pts)

Head     Q3 C3    Heavy Armour, Armoured Cockpit, Two Neural-Net Pilots
Body      Q3 C4    Light  Armour, Massive
Arms     Q3 C4    Light Armour, Elbow Thrusters x3
Legs       Q3 C3    Short Move, Amphibious

Mogul (325pts)

Head     Q4 C3    Fangs, Acid Spit C5S
Body      Q3 C4    Spikes, Very Tough
Arms     Q3 C3    Heavy Armour, Claws
Legs       Q3 C2    Amphibious, Short Move

Clawhook (330pts)

Head     Q3 C4    Fangs
Body      Q3 C4    Charge, Tough
Arms     Q3 C3    Claws
Legs       Q3 C3    Amphibious
Tail       Q4 C3    

Both kaiju seemed OK as designs, with enough options to make them dangerous. Mogul's acid-spit was very effective, but has that risky one in six chance of being lost each time it's used.

The jaegers I am less sure about. Cherno Alpha didn't really get into the fight, so I'm not sure that it got the test it deserved, but Crimson Typhoon didn't really live up to expectations. In the film it's fast and agile with lots of blade attacks, but I didn't get the right vibe with this version. True I'm limiting myself in terms of points, but I think a redesign is in order; maybe an extra set of arms would make it more effective, at the cost of one of the other traits. This would allow it to either make multiple blade attacks each turn, or grapple and slash. However the other possibility is, I'll admit, that I just used it badly. That Q2 C4 on the arms does allow for a good powerful attack each turn, but it also ensures two or three actions with decent odds, so maybe more combination moves are in order.

You can find Mogul HERE

You can find the jaegers HERE


  1. Love these play reports. I just bought Samurai Robot Battle Royale and it looks fantastic. I think I can model kaiju with SRBR rules; do I really need Mighty Monsters? Is there something MM adds that SRBR just can't replicate? Thanks!

  2. MM has a few abilities that aren't in SRBR; ones that are specific (or more suited to) organic things. The biggest difference is that kaiju don't take damage in the same way that mechs do; they accumulate the yellow and red dice, but the way they cause issues for the creature works off whether they are used for activation attempts, wheres for mechs they simply cause malfunctions and damage. It does give a different feel.

    So whilst you don't *need* Mighty Monsters, I think the flavour of the games would be better with it.


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