Thursday, 27 July 2017

Cherno Alpha and Striker Eureka

I've printed two more Pacific Rim jaegers and here they are. Firstly the big old Russian jaeger, Cherno Alpha.

Representing Australia is Striker Eureka.

I tried this model at a lower print resolution. This meant that it printed faster, and more reliably, but at a cost in terms of detail and finish. I might redo it at a higher resolution sometime, but really I'm still exploring the best settings for different types of models; there's quite a knack to it.

Here's the collection so far. There's one more in the set to print and paint: Coyote Tango.


  1. Cherno has a Ned Kelly look about him.

    1. It was only whilst researching the stats and colour scheme that I realised that big 'helmet' isn't actually the 'head'. The head is that gold-coloured cockpit just below it. The helmet is the cooling tower for the jaeger's reactor.


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