Friday, 2 September 2016

Kolin Preview

This weekend I'm heading down to Jindabyne to celebrate both my son's 21st birthday and the fact that he has been nominated for an Australian commercial radio industry award. This means that I won't have time to properly write up our regular Thursday evening game. So, for now, you can have some preview photos. We did a refight of Kolin (1757) in which Frederick the Great was defeated by the Austrians. We used Maurice, but played with three commands per side. Amazingly we managed to complete the game in an (admittedly long) evening.

So, photos for now. Writeup when I get back. If I have time before we head off to Broken Hill on another weekend away ...

I got let loose with cavalry again.

If you want to hear my son's work (he presents and does the production), you can now listen to 97.7 Snow FM online. He does Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm AEST

LISTEN HERE - Just click on the Livestream link.


  1. What are then times according to GMT? You know, proper time.

    1. GMT it would be Midnight to 5am, but you have to take into account BST and our own Summer Time as well :)

  2. Civilised time is what you mean Phil, isn't it!

    Alan, nothing like a preview to build anticipation up!


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