Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Thursday Report

I was too tired to consider actually paying any games this Thursday, but I did turn up at the club in order to (i) be sociable and (ii) return Peter's SYW Austrians, which I had acquired after our Kolin game the other week.

Although I didn't play, I did take some pictures of three of the four games on offer.

Geoff and Gary played HOTT - 36AP is still very much the flavour of the month, with MOAB on the way.

Daniel and Bryan had an improvised game of Bolt Action. They had troops, but no cloth or terrain, so used Caesar's 15mm HOTT terrain collection.

Meanwhile at the other end of the room, people were engaged in another of our Super Secret Projects. Shhh.

The fourth game was Caesar's offspring playing Talisman.

Sometimes we come close to looking like a real wargames club.

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