Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Dvorak - Liberation

You know how it is sometimes. You're rummaging around on your hard-drive, and you find an old Notepad file from years ago, and you wonder what it is and why you even have it. Well, this post is one of those. It's a file I found relating to a card-game called Dvorak. Dvorak is one of those games that the players can either make up as they go along, or pre-design decks designed to work with a simple set of base rules. Anyone who's player 1001 Bank White Cards will know the drill

Well, the file I found contained notes for a Dvorak deck based on the South American Wars of Liberation.

Now, I'm pretty sure I didn't write it. Some of the wording isn't my style at all. But I have no idea where I got it from. So I present it to you pretty much as I found it, on the hope that either someone will recognise it, or that they may feel inspired to run with it and make a deck. Indeed I may do it myself sometime. It looks like that, with a little bit of tweaking, a fairly interesting two- or three-player game could be created here.

Dvorak Liberation

Win: Control three Provinces



Province - When played goes to centre of table. Must play campaign Action to attempt to capture, when it is placed in front of you. To capture roll a dice and add bonuses from Things. Score of 6+ needed to capture it, otherwise lose one Thing.

Loyal Province – As normal Province, but all campaign rolls are made at -1

Peru, Venezuela, Gran Colombia, Alto Peru, Chile, Rio de la Plata

Infantry - +0 to campaign roll

Elite Infantry - +1 to campaign roll

Cavalry - +0 to campaign roll

Artillery - +0 to campaign roll

Elite cavalry - +1 to campaign roll

Foreign Infantry - +1 to campaign roll

Irregular Cavalry - +1 to campaign roll

Charismatic Commander - +1 to campaign roll

Brilliant Commander - +2 to campaign roll

Maverick Naval Commander - +1 to campaign roll

Political Officer – Play to opponent’s Thing pile. -1 to campaign roll. May be taken as a loss.


Campaign of Manouevre – Attack Province, but take no loss if you fail.

Mountain March – Attack Province at +1 to roll, but lose one Thing whether you win or lose.

Exile – Opponent loses one Commander

Civil War – Play on opponent with two provinces. Opponent must roll as if conducting a campaign. Failure to win means discard one Thing and lose one Province to centre of table

Campaign – Attack Province

War To The Death – Attack Province, but lose two Things if you fail.

Determined Campaign – Attack a province. If you lose, discard one Thing, but you may then attack the province again.

Mutiny – Opponent must discard one Infantry, Cavalry or Artillery Thing

Bribery – Tale one Commander from opponent.

Political Advantage – Opponent must discard one card from their hand.

Peninsular Veterans – Choose an opponents Province. Opponent must defend that Province or lose it to centre of table.

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