Monday, 13 June 2016

Forgotten Heroes - Captain UK - Part 6

Captain UK's costume wasn't as hard to paint as I thought, although I'm not sure I've got the curves of some of it quite right. However different artists seem to apply their own variations to the precise design of the costume - how far the upper white bit comes down the cleavage, for example, that I think I can be allowed the luxury of some artistic licence of my own.

Here she is after some tidying up of lines, plus addition of the eyes and the emblem on the mask.

And the painting completed. With hindsight I think I brought the upper red part of her costume down too far, but I'm not changing it at this stage. I refer you to the 'artistic licence' bit above.

The next stage is to varnish her, then she can be put on her perspex base and she's all done!


  1. Very, very nice, Kaptain. An excellent conversion and paint job. Are we going to see her in action, perhaps with Captain Britain against the Fury, to see if it would still pan out like in the comics?

    1. She's been in action, and a post is coming, but it wasn't with Captain Britain against the Fury. I'm still trying to work out how to run that and not just have it as a big punch-up in the middle of the table.


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