Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Radio Operator

A couple of days ago I said that we'd had a proud parent moment, when our son graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) with and Advanced Diploma in Radio. Well, a couple of days ago he received a job offer, and today this appeared on the AFTRS Facebook page:

Yes, starting at the end of December (less than two weeks away) Cei will become the new workday announcer/producer at Snow FM, based in the small town of Jindabyne in NSW, and covering the whole Snowy Mountains region of NSW.

This is a big event for us. It's his first job, and he's doing exactly what he's wanted to do for most of his time at high-school and beyond. But Jindabyne is five hours from here, so it also means that in less than two weeks our son will be leaving home. Parents always say that they'll be glad when their kids go, and I was one of them. But when the moment comes, all that will go out of the window. We'll miss him. A lot. But at the same time we are proud and excited about what he's going to be doing and about the experiences he's going to have venturing out into the world on his own.

Sadly you can't listen to Snow FM online at the moment (owing to a peculiar dispute between the record industry and local radio stations in Australia), but in case you're reading this post at a later date when things have been resolved, here's the LINK. But if you happen to go skiing in Oz, or pass through the Snowy Mountains, give him a listen!


  1. I can't remember...are the Snowy Mountains to the East or West of the Not Snowy Mountains?

    Congratulate Cei on the job. A lot of people don't get to do exactly what they want for their first job. (Or their second, or .....)

    As for the hole in your parenting heart, I'm sure you can just double down on Maya...

  2. Cool news. We've got to let them go some time, but five hours drive in Aussie is still pretty close isn't it?

  3. Congratulations. Proud dad moment - nice. I am still trying to get my head around the fact that Australia has Snowy Mountains.

  4. Congratulation and Well done Cei!

  5. Awesome news, thumbs up Cei! You certainly landed on your feet and to be offered a job in something you actually enjoy is a rarity these days. Commiserations to the empty nesters - you need to take up skiing.

    1. Not that empty - we still have a layabout art-student daughter to lose yet :)


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