Monday, 28 December 2015

The Day The Universe Almost Ended

Yesterday the universe almost ended.

Yes, we played Chrononauts again, and we got the board to twelve paradoxes - thirteen would destroy all of time and space.

Fortunately people were sensible enough to patch up history before breaking any more bits.

This was an important game though - the first played in Cei's flat in his new home of Jindabyne. We drove him down yesterday, moved his stuff in, went out for a meal in the evening and then stayed the night, making the five-hour journey home today. So since we had time to kill we played some games; a game of Fluxx in the restaurant (on which, in fact, we have played games in before, when we on holiday there back in 2012), and two games of Chrononauts in the evening. Fittingly Cei won the first, fixing the time-stream to match that of his time-traveller. Catherine won the second, by assembling all of the artifacts needed to stage Shakespeare's last play 'Mona and the Dragon'.

Jindabyne is a strange little town, consisting mostly of rental accommodation for people travelling there to ski in the winter. This is the view from his balcony:

And here he is, master of all he surveys:

He's on air at Snow FM from tomorrow ...

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