Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bloggers Assemble!

Yes, Bloggers Assemble!

Well, if you're an Australian blogger. Or one who is in Australia at the end of January 2016.  Why? Because there's a meetup planned at Cancon, on 23rd January. Yes, your chance to put faces to pen-names. Your chance to see fellow bloggers in 3D.

Who would miss an opportunity like that?

I'm hoping to be there. That's reason enough to go, surely?

Anyway, according to Paul of The Man Cave, who seems to be organising it, we'll be meeting at 1pm by the board-games in the Northern hall.

Spread the word!


  1. Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Saddly I can't make it to Australia but I hope its a great success.

  3. bah.. everyone knows who I am.. ;-)

  4. PS - are you all going to wear badges with blog names on them?


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