Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ga Pa!

The Swedes are done.

Well, I say 'done'. They still need to be varnished, but it's been raining all day. And I will do something more attractive with the bases as well. But they are in a mostly done state.

And here they are - about 100pts worth in Maurice terms.

I'm taking a few days off painting now, as I'm going away for a long weekend to celebrate my 21st wedding anniversary. But when I get back I'll be ready to start on the Russians.


  1. These look great! I've been eyeing my Risk set for painting since you started this project. Congratulations on your 21st wedding anniversary as well!

  2. Whole army picture - sweet! The pikes really add to the massed effect and I like the use of horse colour to give each regiment a bit more unit cohesion. The general on a white nag is a nice touch too.

  3. Very nicely done.
    I confess that when I buy boardgames I tend to look at the figures that come in them and attempt to multitask them, or generally it's $60-$80 for a boxed games with lots of figures or a hell of a lot less if bought as metal or some other source!
    Keen to see the Dr Who Risk with lots of Daleks, I'm seeing HOTT.

  4. Very striking - great stuff!


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