Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Skirmishers In 'Liberated Hordes'

In 'Liberated Hordes' it is assumed that skirmishers are built into the regular infantry units. However in some scenarios it may be possible to field detached infantry skirmisher units. These are proposed rules for such troops.

Subject to the scenario, an army may start with Skirmisher units, or may redesignate certain Infantry elements as Skirmishers.

Skirmishers are Foot and move 300p in both good and bad going. They may interpenetrate any friendly troops facing in the same or opposite direction.

In combat Skirmishers take no penalty in bad going, and both fight and shoot as Infantry, but with a factor of +2/+2. They may give and receive rear support.

Their combat results are as follows:
Draw - Recoil if in close combat.
Score is less than that of the enemy, but more than half - Destroyed by Cavalry if in good going, flee 600p if in close combat else recoil.
Score is at least half that of the enemy - Flee 600p from shooting, else destroyed.


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