Saturday, 17 August 2013

Four Monsters

Here are the 'Mighty Monsters' stats for the kaiju we used in yesterday's game. They are pretty much taken from the book, except that I adjusted each one to 450pts and my own tastes.


Head Q3 C3 - Fangs, Shooter L6
Body Q3 C5
Arms Q3 C3
Legs Q3 C3
Tail Q4 C2

Amphibious, Regeneration, Very Tough

This seems to be a good combination in most games; an ability to absorb damage, and one good, meaty ranged attack.


Head Q3 C3 - Fangs, Shooter L6
Body Q3 C4 - Light Armour
Arms Q4 C3
Legs Q4 C3

Amphibious, Shell (5), Hyperflight, Very Tough

Gamera is harder to damage than Godzilla, but not as agile in hand-to-hand. The ability to fly is useful though. It's time that Godzilla and Gamera set to again, in a classic fight between the two main Japanese monster movie studios. I tried it when I first bought 'Monster Island' back in 2005, and Gamera was defeated, but won the 'Giant Monster Rampage' rematch in 2011. 'Mighty Monsters' would allow me to fight the best of three decider.


Head 1 Q3 C2 - Shooter M4
Head 2 Q3 C2 - Shooter M4
Head 3 Q3 C2 - Shooter M4
Body Q4 C5 - Light Armour
Legs Q4 C2
Tail Q3 C3
Wings Q2 C3 - Flight (Long)


Ghidorah is one of Godzilla's arch-enemies. The multiple heads, each with a ranged attack, are useful, but the lack of arms seems to be a major disadvantage. We allowed wings to use the Punch manoeuvre, and felt that there ought to be some capability for certain monsters to be able to pick up/throw things with their feet - a Talons ability perhaps.

Kiryu (Mechagodzilla)

Head Q3 C3 - Heavy Armour, Shooter S3
Body Q3 C4 - Heavy Armour, Shooter M6, One Shot, Hover
Arms Q3 C3 - Shooter M3, Claws
Legs Q3 C3 - Heavy Armour
Tail Q4 C2 - Heavy Armour

Artificial, Spikes, Tough

To be honest Artificial seems to be a waste of 25pts - the things that it allows don't really offset the disadvantages that much. Much of the Heavy Armour is also wasted, as the majority of attacks are made against the Body. The Spikes ability represents being able to charge up the hull with electricity. It's not used in the films, but I added it because I had the points and I thought that it would be interesting. It was obvious that the ranged attacks were too weak - they need to be upgraded to at least C4. I've always found Kiryu difficult to do under any system though, as it has a lot of abilities to fit into whatever the allowed cost is.

Maybe at some stage I will revisit my 'Giant Monster Rampage' versions of these monsters, and post them here.

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