Sunday, 25 August 2013

Monsters, And A Tokusatsu Hero

I ran a brush over a couple of the cheap dragons I picked up the other day, and they look very nice. I did consider washes and dry-brushes, but the two I did really looked OK as they were, certainly in comparison with my other giant monster models. So I merely painted some detail onto them - claws, teeth tongue an eyes, just to give them a little more life and personality.

Here's the winged serpent:

And here's the one with the hooked fore-limbs:

In addition to the dragons I picked up a couple of Ben 10 figures in the Reject Shop, one of which is perfect for an Ultraman-style monster-fighting Tokusatsu hero. The figures came with a strange display stand, so I rebased my hero on an old Heroclix base, and added some rubble to make it more interesting.

In the movies such heroes are the same size as the monsters they fight (since the actors in the suits are, of course, much the same size). My hero is slightly smaller, but not to a level that looks too out of place. Here he is facing the hook-handed horror:

Of course, what they all need now is names. The hero's working title is currently Valiant Monster Fighter (which has the feel of something that's been badly translated from Japanese into English). But I'm open to suggestions.


  1. Replies
    1. The interesting thing is that I looked up that particular character on Wikipedia last night - Way Big (for such is his name) is indeed a 100ft tall hero in the mould of Ultraman. However 'Way Big' sucks as a name.


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