Saturday, 31 August 2013

Godzilla vs The Army - Again

I have played some more games of 'Giant Monster Rampage', pitting Godzilla against military swarms to see how they play out. I hadn't planned on taking much in the way of pictures, but once that camera's in my hand there's no stopping me ...

In the first game I ran Godzilla against three planes and a group of four tanks. Unlike previous games, these were beefed up with Ballistic Blast, rather than the weaker Archaic Blast they had before. They would be firing fewer shots, but each shot would be more effective. The planes were unchanged from previous games; I think I have their stats about right - fast, with deadly missiles and about as much damage resistance as a piece of paper.

In the second game I dropped the planes, and tried out an infantry swarm.

Here's some pictures from the first game.

Tanks advance on Godzilla, firing as they go.

Others work around the flank, under the cover of the buildings.

The planes swoop in for their first attack run.

And Godzilla is knocked down by a volley of missiles.

He gets up and attacks a building. I was using the Exploding Buildings optional rule, which means that a critical hit on a buildings produces flying debris which targets everything within a certain radius.

And Godzilla scored a critical - bad news for the tanks and planes in range, which were all destroyed.

A second plane found itself on the receiving end of some well-aimed rubble.

And a third fell to Godzilla's atomic breath.

Unfortunately swarms get reinforcements. Another plane entered the fray ...

... and took down Godzilla.

The planes did most of the damage in that game, although the tanks helped. They both rolled well for damage, especially the Mechanical Blasts of the aircraft. As could be seen, though, Godzilla could strike back.

In the second game I used the tanks again, along with a swarm of eight infantry bases. These are slow and weak, and had a variant of the Archaic Blast I wanted to try out.

The army cautiously approach Godzilla, who is working his way through a building.

A tail swipe throws some tanks into the side of a building. The building survives. The tanks don't.

Godzilla faces off the army.

Then attacks ...

In one round he destroys a base of tanks, and one of infantry. A lucky Toughness roll saves some other tanks from thrown rubble, and in the distance the lizard's atomic breath has demolished another building. This was a strategy derived from the last game - targeting buildings near human units on the hope of getting a critical, as the area effect damage of doing so is more effective than taking out the tanks and infantry individually.

With lots of attention focused on him, and damage staring to mount from the sheer weight of firepower being deployed, Godzilla moves off through the river. The army will have to take the long way around to catch him.

Some of them are already in position, though.

Godzilla attacks a building.

It falls ...

A tail swipe hurls some tanks into a squad of infantry, destroying both.

Godzilla then attacks the big shopping centre with both his atomic breath and thrown rubble, aiming for a critical - there are a considerable number of human units clumped around it. He doesn't get the critical, but does destroy the building.

The infantry pour volley after volley of fire into him.

And when the tanks join in, it's all over.

Once again the army triumphed. If they get good AP rolls they can lay down plenty of firepower, and slowly whittle down Godzilla faster than he can take them out. A monster with area effect attacks would probably make short work of them, as the exploding buildings rule showed.

Next: The army get an ally and the city fights for its very survival ...


  1. Thank for the reports! I think I shall be spending some pocket money on Giant Monster Rampage.

    Go Go Godzilla!


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