Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Planes And Tanks - Revisited

A Faded Memory ...
I tried last night's GMR scenario again this evening with the same forces and a similar city. This time the result was very different, with Godzilla destroying all of the tanks and planes, as well as accounting for about twice as many building sections, and all in about the same game-length as before.

Playing a more tactical game, Godzilla made use of the cover offered by the buildings to avoid the fire from the tanks, whilst using the rubble from destroyed buildings as a weapon with which to bring down the aircraft. That said, the planes did inflict a number of hits on him - he was down to the last three of his ten wounds by the end of the game, so it was touch and go, but by the last turn or so the humans were fighting with just a couple of tanks, and the end was inevitable. The city defenders were unlucky with their reinforcement rolls as well; the return of a destroyed plane early in the game could have made a significant difference.

So maybe the balance wasn't as bad as I thought it was. I did try a change where a single activated attack couldn't score more than once critical hit, regardless of how many rolls to hit were made as part of it. In fact it didn't make a difference, but some of last night's defeat was due to the characteristics damage caused by criticals. Possibly they are still too deadly, although I admit that my monster designs tend to have relatively low characteristic values, which means they suffer more from criticals.

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