Friday, 16 November 2012

The Phoney War

At this point in the week you'd be reading a report of the latest game, or games, played at the Thursday evening meeting of the Gong Garage Gamers. So here it is:

That's a picture of the piece of felt cloth a number of WW1 aircraft models would have fought over, had two of us not each thought that the other one was bringing the planes ...

So, with our evening cut short, I used it to start work on a project to rebase my 6mm ACW figures:

Four-base units, each base a 20mm square with eight infantry, three cavalry or one gun on it. This makes them good for Battle Cry, or a Portable Wargame variant thereof. They should be OK for more conventional tabletop rules as well. And the infantry units do look rather good.

Once I have most of the stuff actually based I'll start thinking about the best way to texture and colour them.

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