Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I'm A Liebster Blog

I am, it appears, now a Liebster Blog. From what I can understand this is an award that one blogger gives to other favourite blogs with the proviso that the blogs so honoured have less than 200 followers. Having received the award I am supposed to dish one out to five other blogs I think you should be looking at. This in no bad thing to be doing; it's always worth having something that drives traffic from one blog to another.

I got mine from James of The Dancing Cake-Tin.

So, what blogs will I choose?

Let's start with Winter of '79, which offers games and pastiche set in a 1970s Britain that wasn't, but nearly was. I can't say I thought much of the seventies at the time, and this blog reminds me why.

I love the nostalgic title of Richard's The Land Of Counterpane, so that's next on my list. 

There are a number of blogs which document play-throughs of classic Fighting Fantasy game-books, but Turn To 400 was the first I came across, so it gets my next award.

My source of much in the way of local goings-on is iWollongong, formerly What's On In Wollongong and run by the lovely Eleise. See what goes on in the city I travelled 10,000 miles to live in.

Finally another wargaming blog - David Crook's Wargaming Odyssey. He does wonderful stuff with wooden blocks and his blog is a gateway drug to the addiction that is Bob Cordery's Wargaming Miscellany (which is ineleigible for an award by virtue of having more than 200 followers). I have pretty much read the entire archives of both blogs; they are responsible for a lot of lost time over the last six months ...

So there we go; that's my nominations done. If your blog was picked it would be great if you could pass on the love to five other sub-200 follower blogs.


  1. I'm now following the Wargaming Oddyssey based on your recommendation. If I don't like it I'm coming round there...

  2. I hope you did a lap of honour! Thanks for the mention too :-)

    All the best

  3. I also visited Turn to 400 which ha got to be one of the funniest blogs out there. Truly brilliant!

  4. Congratulations on your award! You certainly deserve to have more followers as your blog is always good value and worth reading.

    All the best,


    PS. Thanks for the honourable mention of my blog.

    1. You'd have got a 'real' mention, but you were a victim of your own popularity :)


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