Tuesday, 20 November 2012


You know when you're painting a load of bases, and you've settled on a perfect colour for them? And you get 90% of the way through painting the bases in that colour? And it runs out ...

Well, that.

I need an equivalent of the old GW Camo Green, preferably one I can source at lunchtime from within walking distance of work.

The fate of the Union and/or the Confederacy depends on it.

Update: Vallejo paints from Good Games in Wollongong to the rescue! An almost perfect match.


  1. Ha! Been there, man. A Dark Eldar army 12+ years ago. I thought I had finished the army, but when I added a few more gubbins, I didn't have the same paint for the bases nor did I have the same flock.

    1. I've been there as well; attempting to add figures to an old army and forgetting how I did the colour-scheme for the existing ones. And *then* not having the right coloured paints, same basing material or type of flock ... :)


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