Saturday, 24 November 2012

Black Powder In The Gong

Owing to my attending the local premiere of 'Skyfall' on Thursday (in costume, as Hugo Drax, no less), I didn't get to go to this week's Gong Garage Gamers session. This was a shame, as Ralph introduced us to Black Powder. However Caesar has produced a suitable report, despite there being no pictures.

The game apparently involved a two brigade Anglo-Portuguese rearguard holding off hordes of advancing French.

"Thanks Ralph for setting up a splendid game last night.
A victory to the Brits as they held off the French advance, though as the Iron Duke would no doubt have commented, "It was a close run thing". My infantry centre and cavalry right flank held strong with some lucky and decisive cavalry charging by the ever ferocious 10th Light Dragoons, single-handedly taking on two cavalry regiments. However my left flank would probably have given way had we played much longer, saved to that point by some command confusion (poor dice) of a flank march by the frogs, which gave me time to push a brigade out in that direction. Alternatively (and most probably) Ralph was just being gentle with his Black Powder apprentice!
I enjoyed Black Powder for the no nonsense approach to shoving large quantities of troops around the table with little fuss. The game is very flexible with movement, somewhat of a shock to me in the early stages as a French attack column ploughed into my British line from nowhere. However, the system applies suitable restrictions as troops close, like hitting fast forward on the DVD until you get to the interesting bits. This allows for large complicated battles to be played out in good time.
Shooting and combat were simple, with the hard work done by Ralph before the game in defining the troop qualities (see attachment). This allows the armies to be tailored to specific fighting styles and engagements from a very broad backdrop of over 200 years of warfare development. Command and control used a neat Warmaster derivative (I believe, having never played Warmaster), which divided the formations along logical historical lines and spheres of control of the general staff, probably my favourite aspect.
I had a great battle and would certainly play more Black Powder. Hopefully next week we can tee up the ancients equivalent of the ruleset, Hail Caesar, if anyone's interested."

Seriously, guys, someone else in our group needs to get a phone with a camera and learn how to use it.

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  1. You're right but phones are not my strong point. I even still have buttons on mine! Possibly in the New Year I will pull my finger out and catch up with technology. I didn't say which New Year...


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