Wednesday, 14 August 2019


After playing a couple of games of 'Four Against Darkness' I thought that scrolls could be made a little more interesting (and, by extension, the Treasure Table).

When a scroll is rolled on the Treasure Table, roll a D6

1 - It's a Map! See below.
2-5 - It's a Spell. Determine which one by the normal rules. Ordinarily it will be one of the six in the 4AD game, but maybe on a 5 it could be a new one that a Wizard can add to their repertoire.
6 - It's a Clue. Nice one, Velma!

A map? Yes. Hold on to it. You can use the map once before you enter any area. Instead of rolling a D66 to determine what's there, roll a D6. You can pick any one of the six options that start with that number. So if you roll a '3' you can choose any one of areas 31-36. You then roll on the Room Contents table, but if you don't like the result, you can roll again. The reroll must be made before rolling on any of the other tables though - if you get Minions you have to decide to reroll before you determine what they are.


  1. Nice twist on the Scrolls Kaptain - Jinkees, I'd really want a 6.

    1. I felt it wasn't too unbalanced - a 1:36 of a Clue when you find a treasure basically. If it seems to extreme, make it a Puzzle Roll, with one chance to solve it.


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