Sunday, 22 January 2017

Ghosts and Pirates

I did some more ship-building this weekend. I also recalibrated my 3D printer and got it back in action, after a brief period of storage owing to the space it occupied being needed for something else. The results are that I have more stuff for Galleys and Galleons.

First off is a small 3D-printed fort. Yes, it has no guns, and only the single door I chose to add to it, but it's s nice generic model, and I can add things to it later.

Secondly is the obligatory ghost-ship. This was made exactly the same way my other ships were produced, but I distressed the hull with a file and emery-board before painting, and made the sails more ragged.

Finally I made and painted a couple of pirate ships. Because pirate ships are kind of essential to any game of this nature.

I have had the printer working all day of a few other bits and pieces which looked nice on the screen and which I think I can make use of. I shall post the results if anything comes from them.


  1. Your ships are truly inspirational! It makes me want to pull out Featherstone's Naval Wargaming. I know little about 3D printing. How long does it take to print your fort? Have you thought of printing ship hulls? I have found some online but the prices are too much.

    1. In order to print the hulls I'd have to either find or produce a design. However I haven't found a suitable model online to print, and I'm afraid my design skills aren't up to the job yet.

      The time things take to print depends on quite a lot of parameters, which vary from model to model. I think that fort took under an hour, though.

  2. Fabulous. I'd missed your posts on Galleys and Galleons. I love the rules! Now to read your posts to see what I can steal, eh, I mean seek inspiration from.

    1. Thanks. I've been tweaking and rewriting rules as I go along to make what I think is a slightly smoother game. If I get everything in a state I regard as 'final' I'll post some of the bits here.

      I've been making a few lace-pulp bits and pieces over the past couple of days.

    2. I've been using the rules for Napoleonic encounters and find them just as good as SoG but more playable and definitive (by that I mean the move a model makes are clear and not affected by human fiddling/knocking/micro measurement).

      I've also had success using using G&G for larger games with galleys and just need to perfect this for sailing ships.

      Lots of fun!

    3. I'm mulling over trying a Napoleonic action with them as well. I think it may be possible to play Lissa using them, although it would need at least one rules tweak to cover the entirely carronade-armed HMS Volage.


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