Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Galleon Shipyard - January Sails

The galleons now have sails.

How I constructed the galleons can be found HERE

The painting can be found HERE

I used high weight textured paper in an ivory colour for the sails, cut to an ascending series of standard sizes to cover the different ship sizes.

The sails were stuck to the masts, and then brushed in white. The yards were then painted on the top of each sail in a very dark brown.

There is a small gap at the top of most of the ships' main masts. This gives me the possibility of adding pennants for extra colour.

And, because the painting post didn't really show them, here are some sterns.

Next stage? A game!

Although I have started a few more models as well ...


  1. I've been watching your progress on these ships with interest, and have to say that the end result belies the materials used. How sturdy are the finished ships, specifically the masts? I'm wondering whether using lengths of paperclip might make them more robust.
    It was an inspiring series of posts and is definitely something i'm going to give a go myself.

    1. The cocktail sticks are nice and thick, and fixed into holes in the hull with strong wood-glue. So they're sturdy. And the advantage of wooden masts is that it's easier to use wood or PVA glue to attach the paper sails.

      Paper clips would be more effort to cut up :)

    2. A valid point regarding fixing and one I hadn't considered. Wooden masts it is. Thanks for the reply.

  2. Cute navies! I do like this sort of thing, and the imagination that goes into them. I wonder if we are witnessing a revival of the 'Old School' adaptability...

  3. I must admit I was highly dubious when you started this thread and for myself I would have gone for the easy (but expensive) option of using Tumbling dice 1/2400 miniatures - be it Spanish Armada, Anglo-Dutch Wars or Napoleonic. However, what you have done here is quite simply excellent. Clean lines, effective models and (apart form your time) next to zero cost. Stunningly effective!


  4. You are brilliant, ingenious and gifted. They looked a bit clever as 'raw' pop-sticks (as we call them), then they looked pretty darned good with the paint job, now they look superb with the sails hoisted!


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