Monday, 1 June 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road - Concept Art

If you thought the film had some eye-catching concepts in it, how about THIS LOT? My favourite is the locomotive with road wheels:

Original image from


  1. Very cool. I really like your car builds and Machinas reports. I stumbled pretty badly trying to get the family into it and haven't had it out since. Maybe now that they've all seen fury road we could give it another go.

    1. The problem with Machinas is that the core idea - the pack racing system - is very good and works well, but the chrome isn't that well explained. I have house-ruled or had to apply interpretations to a lot of it, but it does mean that it's not a game you can give to other people to read and learn.It is a lot of fun, though and certainly does racing and chasing better than other game systems.

  2. The film is visually engrossing, well beyond any of its predecessors. What struck me was an artistic quality and attention to photo shots, the fine marriage of CGI and stuntwork, not to mention that the vehicles themselves are brilliantly imaginative. My favourite scene is entering the sandstorm. Can't wait to play Machinas again!


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