Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Good Upbringing

Those who follow this blog, or who know me of old, will know that my family do participate in gaming activities. My wife has been playing games with me pretty much since we met, and my children from as soon as they were old enough - they both played in HOTT tournaments before they were ten years old for example.

I have run a couple of RPGs for the family over the years, but recently my daughter and her friends have been playing them online, via Skype. This week she did me proud, though, by running her very first face-to-face session as a GM. She ran a game of the rules-lite superhero game 'Supercrew' and apparently it went very well - I spoke to one of her friends afterwards, and she'd really enjoyed the game. Apparently her heroes ended up fighting baddies who'd invaded the Sydney Opera House, and turned it into a rampaging mechanical crab-monster. It all sounded utterly daft, but great fun, and she had obviously picked up basic GM tricks such as not being afraid to change her plans in order to make the game more awesome for the players.

I'm very proud of her, And it's nice to know that there's someone else in the house able to run a game; I much prefer being a player, but up until now no-one else has ever wanted to run the games.


  1. Is this one if those moments when you look at your maturing children and go "my work here is nearly done"?

  2. ......and with a smile of satisfaction too!

  3. Now you just need her friends to paint your minis then your work will be done, literally. ; )

  4. Congrats! I'm GMing for my 11-year old nephew and looking forward to the day when he will be running games for my enjoyment! :-)


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