Sunday, 7 June 2015

More Machinas Madness

I'm running a game of Machinas at the club on Thursday, so have been producing vehicles for what I hope will be an interesting Inspired By Mad Max road-chase.

For the baddies I've hacked about a couple of subcompact hot-rods. This one has a rack of missiles on the roof:

And this one is inspired by Fury Road, with a wild warrior wielding explosive-tipped spears. The figure is a Revel Aztec warrior.

There was minimal work on these vehicles. Indeed I left as much of the original paintwork on the first as I could, because I liked the flame design down the side.

This one took a little more work - the obligatory tanker.

This was a cheap ($2) mostly plastic vehicle. I added armour and other bits to hide some of its shortcomings. It's not the articulated rig beloved of the films, but it will do until I find something better.

I haven't given it any guns, but it's fairly well equipped with defences. This should make it a tough 'objective' to crack in the game, especially if it's given a couple of escort vehicles.

The vehicles together.

The game will have more vehicles. I'll add a few from my existing collection of course, but I wanted to use some bikes as well. I have ordered some from Ramshackle early in May, but did so before I read their information on order processing and delivery times which basically suggests that it could still be a month or more before I see them. So I resorted to paper ones downloaded from Junior General.

The gang of baddies will also have another vehicle, for their Boss to ride in, But I'll save that one for another post because it's worth it.

The next stage is to name the vehicles and give them some stats.


  1. Those are great! The truck is really cool, with the fork-lift fork on the front. I'm not so sure I'd be hunting for a replacement, KK. The only thing it's missing is a cupola on top for a dynamite-tossing or bow-wielding loonie.

    1. The problem with the cupola is I'd need a loony to go in it, and the that would highlight the scale difference between the vehicles.

      An early iteration of it did have an industrial-sized crossbow on the roof of the tank, though.

      I will do a truck with a cupola at some stage, though. I have found a T34 turret that needs using as well :)

    2. I do want an articulated lorry, though. Tamsin (of Wargaming Girl) has a pink one, of which I'm very jealous.

    3. No need to be jealous - you should be able to get one for yourself from Amazon. It's a Corgi Superhaulers.

      Great work on these vehicles :)

    4. Get one for myself - aside from the fact that it will cost me $70 :)

    5. $70? Eeeks! Mine was £11 or £12

      Maybe on Ebay?


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